A nimble man.

Us human beings like to make perceptions. Beautiful lips are red, trees are green and brown, light is happiness, dark is mysterious, so on. Some of these perceptions were based on reality, but some were believed because we feel comfortable about it, the social norms.

Lately, there were many discussions I had with my teacher regarding gender perception. Most of my society believe that male must be strong and female must be soft. It is all well and fine, everybody is happy and peaceful, until someone said it out loud to an artist “oh, you have strong lines/paint strokes as a female”. Then, we are obliged to challenge that idea. Why not? Do we human has to always fit in a certain category? What is wrong with rough females and soft males? Especially in art, we should have moved on from these types of thinking hundreds of years ago, but yet it still came back to haunt us.

I am not advocating for feminism, gender equality or any heavy action-stuffs here, I just want to put on table that perception shouldn’t keep us from having an open mind, and it is damn important to be free.

So, today I painted from a very interesting photo, I don’t know who is the photographer of the original image, but kudos to you for being so hilarious and having so much fun in your work.

miladyIMG_2350 milady closeup


5 thoughts on “A nimble man.

  1. This painting is beautiful and it does look as if you’ve had a great time painting it. I’m going to guess that it’s an oil and that it’s still wet. And one question, how long did it take you to complete this painting?

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    1. Hi Sabiscuit. You are the first comment in my blog *smile* It’s a pleasant surprise that there are people who actually take a glimpse at what I put here.
      Anyway, thank you. Yes, It is an oil painting that I just did today in a couple of hours, still very wet. I’m a student painter, but it’s something that i enjoy and do a lot. Some paintings took weeks, some just hours. Depends on moods and situation.

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      1. It is my pleasure, and I’m kind of happy I got here first. I understand what you mean by “depends on moods and situations.” Your technique is superb, by the way. It’s detailed, thorough and lively. Even with the use of white, I can still see that excitement. It was a joy to view. Warm wishes and best of luck with your work, SB.


      2. You’re too kind with words *smile again*, thank you much.
        I see that you are an artist yourself too. Lots of good wishes and keep on creating.

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