Take me to church.

Someone once told me if she hasn’t painted/drew for a period of time, she will go crazy.

Today is that kind of day for me, my head just wasn’t coping anymore, so I have to work, I have to make something dramatic.

Usually I draw with live dancer, but since I don’t really have much head-space nowadays to organize my own stage, I decided to try drawing movement from a video. I chose a very beautiful interpretation by Sergei Polunin, a Russian ballet dancer, to Hozier‘s song – Take Me to Church. The piece was directed by David LaChapelle. So grandeur and dramatic.

Then I put that video in loop for maybe 50 times, and draw few images simultaneously in Photoshop.

Here’s five pieces that I like most…

sergei01- sergei02- sergei03- sergei04- sergei05-

..and here’s the screenshots of the moments.

sergeiscreen01 sergeiscreen02 sergeiscreen03 sergeiscreen04 sergeiscreen05

I have been stalking Sergei’s works for some time now, and boy, ain’t his talent precious. Can’t help but sketched a small portrait of the beautiful boy.sergei portraid copy

Now, I can breathe…


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