lost in the thoughts.

lost in the thought.jpg

Sketched an idea about being lost, but it feels too literal, too easy, a bit too much – a cliche concept.

Really want that ‘misty’ feeling from a forrest, therefore, I use two layers in Photoshop, one layer as the dark background and another layer of light color, then slowly using eraser tool in various opacity to make the trees. It’s quite a relaxing motion to draw out the lines one by one, but i guessed i overdo it a bit, the whole composition looks like a noodle bowl now.

must keep trying. practice. practice. practice.


3 thoughts on “lost in the thoughts.

  1. On the contrary, I don’t think it looks like a noodle bowl and I think you captured the feeling of being lost (but also, I think, lonely) quite well! It’s kind of reminiscent of something Tim Burton-y. I like!

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