the Nudes.

Can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted something here. Life’s been kinda messy, but we’re always okay.

So, last week I joined a group exhibition, Wall of Indonesia. It is a living-wall / art-salon style, which means during the exhibition period (2 months), artworks will be added gradually to the exhibition walls until it becomes really full and hopefully by then we can find a voice for Indonesian visual identity. The participants are 18 Indonesian artists working in Bali. The catch for each artist is to contemplate on our identity as an Indonesian artist.

I am very interested to see what the outcome will be, whether we can actually see past the egos and draw a red string that we actually have something in common, despite the differences of ideas, techniques and personalities in our art. Let’s see.

So what I brought to the table were four nude paintings. Two from 2014, one from 2015, and one I just painted recently (a study on Corinth’s work). It is interesting to see that there are changes in my approach, somehow I became less wild in my brush strokes and calmer in manner.

nude 2014nude 2015nude 2016

Why nudes? The intentions of why artists make nude paintings might be different one from another, it can be a way to communicate provoking thoughts, a way to adore pure beauty (or ugly), a way to understand humanity (or the higher forces beyond us), a way to tell stories, a way to express freedom, or a combination of everything.

I can always argue from gender perspective that I am one of the rare female painters in Indonesia that embraces this subject with pleasure (this is a personal statement that needs more research to back up). But aside from the bravado speech, let’s just say that personally for me, nude paintings are very honest, whether for the artist or for the viewers. Nudity is one of the purest way to learn and converse about humans. I hope one day I will find a voice in my nudes, then I can tell you my why(s).



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