Not sure why, but since March, all we do in the studio is experimenting – Pastels, Cyanotype Print and now Watercolor.

As someone who loves textures and the liveliness of oil paint, I found watercolor is a very difficult material to use/control – it is too easy to make mistake and there is no way back once a mistake was made, different with oil where everything is ‘move-able’ and ‘change-able’.

But a challenge is a challenge, and I’m not a quitter.

After a few times of frustrating trials, I stepped back and tried to figure out what would make me love the material (i.e. watercolor), and asked myself these questions:

  • Is it wise to try to control water? what happened when you don’t?
  • The lure of so many beautiful pigments is overwhelming (I used red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, all sorts in one work), but since I’m quite a monochromatic painter, why don’t I limit myself with a smaller range of color palette?
  • Since it is a very intimate material, maybe small sizes are better?
  • Again, since it is a very intimate material, maybe start with subjects that are closest to heart? (More reason to paint my muse pug)

Eventually, I can say that I started to enjoy the material – it is quite interesting to work by different temperament. I’m usually very rough and all over the place when I paint with oil, watercolor is the complete opposite. It is the same intensity nonetheless once you start to dive in with your heart.

Obviously, more works using watercolor are to be expected. Yeah!

watercolor 7-watercolor 6-watercolor 4-watercolor 5-



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