Flowery Head.

Last night, just an hour before the deadline, I submitted 5 artworks to the SAAF (Singapore Affordable Art Fair) Young Talent Program.


I’ve been working with watercolor for a while now, and sort of becoming addicted to the simplicity of the material.

For this submission, I came upon this concept of questioning the limit of beauty for women, the obsession to reach perfection in today’s standard. I honestly believe that it’s important to take care of yourself, to feel good about yourself – but you can only reach it if you’re comfortable in your own skin (and mind). Thus the use of flowers and nudity as metaphors in these works.

But there is also another aspect where I really want to push myself – to paint flowers emotionally. I tried to substitute the part that I like to paint most (facial features) with the subject that I dreaded the most (flowers d’oh), hopefully it works hahahaha

There is still so much to learn, whether the understanding of the material and also my knowledge on human anatomy – all that jazz.

Wish me luck, folks.

(update 24 September: I stumbled upon this article by Debora L. Spar – that is very relatable to my thoughts)



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