a Tote Bag for Seminyak Design Week 2018.

Uma Seminyak collaborating with Seni Di Bali is holding an illustration competition for the Seminyak Design Week 2018.

The theme is to interpret Bali now, can be anything I want – challenge accepted.

The traditions in Bali never cease to amaze me – even in this modern world the Balinese ladies with their full-on kebaya outfits and make ups, can ride a bike while holding a besek (storage for religious offerings) on top of their head and wooosh to the temples. Amazing.

Here I submitted an illustration of make-believe moment where I can actually ride a bike (the coolest bike to own now, Scoopy, of course) and have great balance – along with my trembling pug. Ah ya, “kirrrrrrr” is a sound expression in Balinese for excitement, like “wheeeeeeeeee”




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