As cliche as it sounds – sometimes when life throws you lemons, you gotta make the best lemonade out of it. So when life threw me Disney, I didn’t think twice and jumped at it. I put on my mouse hat, packed my bags and flew to the big city, Jakarta.

(Edit: I just realised that ‘when life throws you lemons” has a negative connotation. Well since i love lemons and they’re pretty expensive to buy, it’s totally positive for me ha.)

disney here i come

I was a Creative for their Consumer Products division in Indonesia. In Disney, an employee is called a cast member, like we’re all a part of a big movie. And as a part of the Disney world, we will be swayed away for a magical journey – and boy, wasn’t that an understatement.

My life in Disney was filled with never-ending stories, unlimited imaginations and possibilities, and a lot of hard works to make dreams come true. I was surrounded by princesses, mouses, creatures, superheroes, monsters, aliens, toys, you can be anything you can dream of – but best of all, I was surrounded by the best storytellers in the world.


After one and a half year, I have to look back at my ride – wondering what I have left behind, and whether I should stay in this fairy-tale or write my own storybook. Disney is magical world that I grew up with, I am forever grateful to ever be a part of their journey. Heck, once a cast member – forever a cast member.


There are so many quotes from Walt Disney that inspires me deeply, I couldn’t only pick one and put here – but him, and many other big dreamers, believe that the only way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

So, here I am again, picking up my story book and starting to fill it with my own magic.


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