Day 007 of 100

Yesterday someone told me that my tiny works are like poems, people can put their own lyrics into it. For me, that’s one of the highest praise anyone can ever tell me..

Anyhow, today I raced a quick one because I have a two full days of portrait drawing workshop to attend, it’s a labyrinth inspired by Taman Air castle.


Day 006 of 100


Saw a cute little branch on my way to yoga, the leaves came from many little string-like branches, and the main branch is so skinny. I just loved to see that it laid there on the floor in such perfect layout, nature is amazing. It gave me a feeling of the memories we hold on to via such a tiny grip.

Day 004 of 100


I had this one sketched right after the little hanging plan, and planned to draw her walking in the middle of little forest… however I slept on it for a night, and this happened. I like that it’s simple and dreamy and that it took me 3hrs to dot such a tiny drawing.

Day 002 of 100

Started drawing around midnight, Lost Star – Maroon5 was playing, thought it’s interesting to make something inverted, dark surroundings with a white silhouette. I definitely overdid this one.

Day 001 of 100

Decided to do this #the100dayproject to get my head back into the art world.

So here goes day 001 – patience and endurance.


Lately I’m very into Chinese ink paintings, probably because I saw an amazing exhibition when I was in Hong Kong for Art Basel last month – and I relate to it, my ancestry root.

Somehow the emotions in Chinese ink paintings are very rich even though they’re very cleanly executed (I wanted to write “simple”, but that doesn’t sound right – as I know the techniques in Chinese ink paintings are immensely hard to learn). I love the painted words (poetry) and the romance in it (oh why did I refuse to learn Chinese when I was a kid, why).

This is my first try, watercolor – just a simple leaf with a tiny girl trying to reach for the nearest branch, and let’s see what became of it.