Flowery Head.

Last night, just an hour before the deadline, I submitted 5 artworks to the SAAF (Singapore Affordable Art Fair) Young Talent Program.


I’ve been working with watercolor for a while now, and sort of becoming addicted to the simplicity of the material.

For this submission, I came upon this concept of questioning the limit of beauty for women, the obsession to reach perfection in today’s standard. I honestly believe that it’s important to take care of yourself, to feel good about yourself – but you can only reach it if you’re comfortable in your own skin (and mind). Thus the use of flowers and nudity as metaphors in these works.

But there is also another aspect where I really want to push myself – to paint flowers emotionally. I tried to substitute the part that I like to paint most (facial features) with the subject that I dreaded the most (flowers d’oh), hopefully it works hahahaha

There is still so much to learn, whether the understanding of the material and also my knowledge on human anatomy – all that jazz.

Wish me luck, folks.

(update 24 September: I stumbled upon this article by Debora L. Spar – that is very relatable to my thoughts)



Why not?

Last month, my beloved trouble maker (aka my painting teacher) put together a group of people with different skill-sets for a project proposal in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The idea is about an epic live collaboration between dancers, musicians, visual mapping / digital artists and traditional painters / drawers.

If this happen, I will be one of the digital artist to draw live dancers on the amazing Faena Building, how awesome is that?!

Below is some visual I make for the proposal – the visual artists will project living / moving lines on the window-like screens, all 22 of them – while the dancers dance and the drawers draw, all live action!

Meanwhile, we are also submitting the same concept to the Netherlands too.


Let’s hope for the best!


A submission for Character Design Challenge, this month’s theme is Geisha or Samurai.

Beauty can be a very powerful strength, even more than swords.


Details, look at that jolly face!


I haven’t drawn with Adobe Illustrator for a long time, it is actually quite fun to do – something about the clean line and flatness feel fresh, but I have to add on some textures and shadows in Photoshop – just to give it a bit more kick. Here’s what it looks like flat.


What a productive Sunday afternoon, cheers.


Luna Llena Miracle.

A while ago, someone I know asked if I could illustrate a story his father wrote for his birthday gift. A very interesting project, and of course I agreed to the challenge – glad that I managed to deliver.

So, happy birthday, Nelson – from your son, Matthew.

Story written by Nelson Bell, illustrations done digitally by yours truly.

01 waiting text02 in between text03 cry text04 song text



Not sure why, but since March, all we do in the studio is experimenting – Pastels, Cyanotype Print and now Watercolor.

As someone who loves textures and the liveliness of oil paint, I found watercolor is a very difficult material to use/control – it is too easy to make mistake and there is no way back once a mistake was made, different with oil where everything is ‘move-able’ and ‘change-able’.

But a challenge is a challenge, and I’m not a quitter.

After a few times of frustrating trials, I stepped back and tried to figure out what would make me love the material (i.e. watercolor), and asked myself these questions:

  • Is it wise to try to control water? what happened when you don’t?
  • The lure of so many beautiful pigments is overwhelming (I used red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, all sorts in one work), but since I’m quite a monochromatic painter, why don’t I limit myself with a smaller range of color palette?
  • Since it is a very intimate material, maybe small sizes are better?
  • Again, since it is a very intimate material, maybe start with subjects that are closest to heart? (More reason to paint my muse pug)

Eventually, I can say that I started to enjoy the material – it is quite interesting to work by different temperament. I’m usually very rough and all over the place when I paint with oil, watercolor is the complete opposite. It is the same intensity nonetheless once you start to dive in with your heart.

Obviously, more works using watercolor are to be expected. Yeah!

watercolor 7-watercolor 6-watercolor 4-watercolor 5-


the Nudes.

Can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted something here. Life’s been kinda messy, but we’re always okay.

So, last week I joined a group exhibition, Wall of Indonesia. It is a living-wall / art-salon style, which means during the exhibition period (2 months), artworks will be added gradually to the exhibition walls until it becomes really full and hopefully by then we can find a voice for Indonesian visual identity. The participants are 18 Indonesian artists working in Bali. The catch for each artist is to contemplate on our identity as an Indonesian artist.

I am very interested to see what the outcome will be, whether we can actually see past the egos and draw a red string that we actually have something in common, despite the differences of ideas, techniques and personalities in our art. Let’s see.

So what I brought to the table were four nude paintings. Two from 2014, one from 2015, and one I just painted recently (a study on Corinth’s work). It is interesting to see that there are changes in my approach, somehow I became less wild in my brush strokes and calmer in manner.

nude 2014nude 2015nude 2016

Why nudes? The intentions of why artists make nude paintings might be different one from another, it can be a way to communicate provoking thoughts, a way to adore pure beauty (or ugly), a way to understand humanity (or the higher forces beyond us), a way to tell stories, a way to express freedom, or a combination of everything.

I can always argue from gender perspective that I am one of the rare female painters in Indonesia that embraces this subject with pleasure (this is a personal statement that needs more research to back up). But aside from the bravado speech, let’s just say that personally for me, nude paintings are very honest, whether for the artist or for the viewers. Nudity is one of the purest way to learn and converse about humans. I hope one day I will find a voice in my nudes, then I can tell you my why(s).


lost in the thoughts.

lost in the thought.jpg

Sketched an idea about being lost, but it feels too literal, too easy, a bit too much – a cliche concept.

Really want that ‘misty’ feeling from a forrest, therefore, I use two layers in Photoshop, one layer as the dark background and another layer of light color, then slowly using eraser tool in various opacity to make the trees. It’s quite a relaxing motion to draw out the lines one by one, but i guessed i overdo it a bit, the whole composition looks like a noodle bowl now.

must keep trying. practice. practice. practice.