Tiny People, Big Places.

The 100-day project showcase at UMA SEMINYAK, Bali

5 – 21 August 2018

santy wai tiny people big places 1ss

The decision to start making a story every day for 100 days began sometime in April of 2018. At that time I realized that every journey begins with a single step; and for me, the path to find my version of truth this time is best achieved by working through it.

To narrate my stories, I try to embrace simple mediums (small paper and ink/watercolor) – to portray the visual poems that exist in my head. The intention of this project is to uncover the beauty of dream, fragility, playfulness, intimacy and passion. Eventually, the wonder of potential that little person can achieve in this big world is endless. The curiosity started with observing nature and human – and I have yet to find what the end will be.

Day 001, 26 April 2018  to  Day 100, 02 Aug 2018